The move that makes the presence of the Resident Evil series from Netflix


Important news about the Resident Evil series that Netflix is ​​working on continues to come. A leak emerging today shows that the live action franchise will not follow the story in video games.

Netflix, which has achieved great success with the adaptation of the popular video game and book series The Witcher, is working on the live action adaptation of the silent resident Evil. The company has not yet made an official statement about the project, but a leak that has emerged today is definitive proof that the legendary series is in development.

Details of the Netflix-signed Resident Evil series showed up in the streaming service’s media center, but then suddenly removed. Fortunately, the Resident Evil Wiki has managed to detect the leak through the archive of the Wayback Machine.

Netflix removed Resident Evil series description

According to the leak in question, the Netflix version of Resident Evil will not take place in Raccoon City, the epicenter of the T-Virus outbreak. It is stated that there will be new locations such as Clearfield, Maryland and Greenwood Asylum instead. It is stated that the series will focus on secrets that have been taken over by Umbrella Corporation, Greenwood Asylum and the American government 26 years after the T-Virus outbreak.

The virus in question was produced by Umbrella Corporation, then out of control and spread throughout Raccoon City. The first three rings of the original video game franchise passed in Raccoon City, but it seems that we will travel to different cities in Netflix adaptation.

We know that the company plans to expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen existing mythology. According to some rumors, the series adaptation of the legendary horror game will follow the story of the series’s main characters Albert Wesker’s sisters and daughters Jade and Billie Wesker.

There are still many questions waiting to be answered about Netflix’s Resident Evil series. As I mentioned above, the project has not been officially announced by Netflix yet. But the fact that the series description appeared on Netflix’s official website and suddenly deleted shows that the series is really on the way.


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