Move BTS, AESPA Successfully Tops Acha Ranking This Week


aespa managed to top the Acha Ranking list this week.


The Acha Ranking is a ranking that describes an artist’s influence and popularity by comprehensively measuring their physical album sales, digital music streaming, radio broadcasts, and their social media activity.

In the first week of October 2021, AESPA managed to skyrocket to first place after winning a total of 12,400 points.

aespa succeeded in shifting the boy group BTS, which previously always perched in first position and is now in second place with 11,830 points.

IU then followed in third place with 6312 points, TWICE in fourth with 4756 points, and Lim Young Woong in fifth with 4110 points.

Then ITZY ranked 6th with a total of 3901 points, STAYC with 3436 points, Lee Mujin with 3125 points, BLACKPINK with 2563, Lisa with 2213 points and Red Velvet with 2205 points.

aespa recently just made their comeback by releasing their first mini album entitled ‘Savage’. On this day aespa also managed to rank first on the ‘Music Core’ program with the song ‘Savage’.

Congratulations to aespa!


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