Mouse’s Inventor William English, Lost His Life


William English, known as the inventor of the mouse, died on July 26 at the age of 91. English, one of the names behind the development of the mouse in 1968, made interactive computer interfaces possible.

Today, we interact with computer interfaces, whether they are laptops or desktops, by using what we call mice. However, this was not always the case, and someone had to invent hardware that would enable their operating system to offer interactive interfaces.

William “Bill” English, a computer engineer working with Douglas Englebart at Stanford Research Institute, may have been said to be the inventor of the mouse, even though he lost the title of “mouse inventor” to Englebart. English has made graphical user interfaces possible with the work it has done with Englebart.

Englebart, the inventor of the mouse, took on the front-of-the-line part of the job, while he stood out as a visionary personality and team leader. Unlike Englebart, English was busy doing the work behind the scenes. An example of this is Englebart’s imagination and drawing as a draft to enable interactive interfaces, while English transforms the draft into a real product.

William English, co-inventor of the most important peripheral hardware in computers, died at the age of 91 on July 26, 2020. Although we don’t remember the name of English as often as Bill Gates or Elon Musk today, it is an indisputable fact that its legacy has provided hundreds of millions of people with a better computer experience for decades.


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