Mourinho, presented with Tottenham: “I’m Mr. Porto, Mr. Real Madrid and some other club too”


Jose Mourinho, brand new coach of Tottenham, was presented this Thursday with the English team at a press conference in which he confessed to being “Mr. Porto and Mr. Real Madrid”.

“I am Mr. Porto, Mr. Real Madrid and other clubs as well. I am the club I am in. I wear the pajamas of the club I am in and sleep with them. I am a man of the club, but I am a man of several clubs, “confessed the Portuguese coach in a packed press room.

“I am convinced that my choice was excellent. The club is huge. I know that I potentially have a great job in my hands, ”he said enthusiastically. He added: “I had the feeling that I was going to get a team mid-season. I knew I would be in a situation where I would arrive just a day or two before my debut. It’s not about myself, it’s about the players of a stability base. ”

Mourinho, true to his custom, also left a phrase for the memory. In that sense, he said that “during my career I made mistakes, I will not make the same mistakes, I will make new mistakes.”

As for the signings section, Mourinho has closed the door to possible incorporations and has asked for room to work. “I don’t need players, I need time,” he said. And in addition, he confessed: “I have already tried to sign Tottenham players in the past. Now I came here for them, for the project. I will add new details to my game model, which can make a difference. Yes, I will adapt to the club The style must adapt to the club and its culture. “


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