‘Mountain of Fire’ volcano erupts again in Indonesia


On Saturday morning (27), a “Mountain of Fire” woke up in Indonesia: the Merapi volcano, which is on the island of Java, the most populous in the world, released hot clouds of ash at least eight times, in addition to several pyroclastic flows , a combination of rock, debris, lava and gases, which reached almost 2 thousand meters in height, which flowed down the slopes of the geological structure.

Mount Merapi, whose approximate translation is “Mountain of Fire”, is 2,968 meters high and is located close to the ancient city of Yogyakarta, about 400 kilometers from the capital Jakarta. It is the most active among dozens of volcanoes in Indonesia, and has since erupted in recent times.

The country’s Center for Volcanology and Mitigation of Geological Risks followed the activity of the volcano, which has been active for hundreds of years, and has not registered any casualties or injuries. However, the authorities continue to monitor Merapi closely, taking into account that the Java region is one of the most densely populated on the planet.

Watching the Mountain of Fire

With an eye on Merapi since November last year, the spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Agency, Raditya Jati, stated that “the volcanic activity of Mount Merapi is still quite high in the form of effusive eruptions”, that is, those in that the lava flows continuously towards the ground.

As there are many residents living on the slopes of the volcano, the authorities have advised everyone to stay at least five kilometers from the smoking crater, and to be aware of the dangers of lava. According to Jati, there is a risk of “explosive” eruptions up to 3 kilometers from the summit, and avalanches of lava and clouds that can reach almost five kilometers to the southwest.

All the caution is justified: the last major eruption of Merapi, which occurred in 2010, killed 347 people.


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