Motorsport Manager: Check out tips for racing strategy game


Motorsport Manager Online is a free racing simulator for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. In the game, the player is a manager of a racing team and can hire drivers, coaches, buy cars and evolve their parts to win tournaments without difficulties. By choosing the vehicle and the name of the team, the user is ready to enter the competitions of the game. Check out, in the next lines, five tips to evolve and win more championships in Motorsport Manager Online.

This is advice that may seem obvious, but necessary. Motorsport Manager Online is a game focused on racing, so it is natural that competitions are important in the game. With them, you will be able to earn items to improve or create new pieces, increase the level of your runners, earn money and points, which lead to other Leagues. That said, the relevance of reaching at least the top ten in tournaments is clear.

Adapt your strategies
Throughout the races, players can alternate their strategies on the track. You can choose to run aggressively in order to pass opponents or choose to be more passive at times. However, it is not advantageous to carry out these changes of plans for so long, since they have different effects on the car, such as extra fuel consumption. For running against real players, it is necessary to always adapt and try to predict the opponent techniques.

Evolve car parts
This is a very easy tip to follow, since you only need to give some upgrades to your car parts. It is important, whenever possible, to seek the evolution of equipment, because when improved, they offer more status and advantages to your vehicles. Remember to share the improvements between the two drivers, there are no advantages to focusing all the equipment on a single character. Parts can be evolved with the materials won in races.

Repair your parts
When finishing a race, it is natural that your parts need repair. If you do not repair them, their performance will be higher than expected. So, when finishing a competition, don’t forget to check your equipment so that the car is in good condition. Be careful when choosing which piece to repair, because the game allows only one to receive this repair, so choose wisely. Try to focus on the driver with the best status or who stands out on the tracks.

Collect rewards
Click on the “Shop” icon in the main menu to collect your daily rewards. It is possible to select the option “Free Money” or “Video Rewards”, which are replenished with more money after a few hours. That said, your bank in the game will have a considerable amount to at least renew your drivers’ contracts. Check back every hour to check your prizes and collect them. In addition to the money, it is also possible to receive tokens, which help to achieve some improvements in the game.


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