‘Motorola’s DeX’ will arrive faster thanks to Android 11


Motorola started to release Android 11 for Edge + and, in addition to the already known features – such as the possibility of granting temporary permissions on applications, notifications in “bubble format”, among others -, the new version also features the “Ready For “, a company-exclusive” PC mode “.

The feature works by connecting the Edge + to an external screen, allowing the device to become a remote “computer”. Ready For is quite similar to Samsung’s DeX, however, it is not yet capable of making wireless connections and requires a cable to function.

In this sense, fortunately, Ready For requires few steps to start using it. Simply connect a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to HDMI cable on a screen or monitor and the Ready For Experience Hub system will automatically boot. In it, it is possible to access high resolution media, use applications, make video conferences and even play games.

Although it is possible to use the cell phone itself as a pointing device, it is recommended to use a mouse and keyboard connected via Bluetooth to obtain an even more immersive experience. During use, it is possible to operate the Edge + as a secondary control screen, moderating which content will be transmitted to the main screen.

Currently, according to Motorola, Ready For is only available for Edge +. The top-of-the-line model can be found in Brazil directly on the company’s website, with a suggested price of $ 6,999, reaching $ 4,499 in promotions.

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