Motorola Razr wins design Oscar


The design of the new Motolora Razr, the first flip phone with a foldable screen, caught the attention not only of the public, but also of critics and experts. Razr received the coveted Red Dot award of the year in the Product Design category.

The award is considered the “Oscar of design” and includes the main innovations and revolutionary designs of the year. In this edition, competitors from more than 60 countries submitted more than 6,500 products to the contest.

The Motorola Razr, which had its design project born in Brazil, was designed to meet the needs of consumers who prefer the flip model, but who do not dispense with new experiences from a modern design. This premise, according to Motorola, applies to the entire portfolio of branded products, but the winner of the Red Dot has achieved its goal with the right to honor.

“When we designed the Razr we decided to create the best smartphone with flexible screen technology that would solve a real problem for the consumer: the need for portability”, explains Motorola’s Senior Industrial Design Manager, Ricardo Meneses.

“When designing the Razr, our team wanted to create an innovative and fluid solution that would break the status quo with regard to contemporary smartphone design. The Razr rescues an emotional connection and identification that so many consumers have with its flip design, “declares the brand’s Head of Design, Ruben Castano. Despite the challenge, the model managed to deliver what it promised.

This is not the first time that Motorola has been awarded at the event. In 2019, the Moto Z4, which was launched in the United States only, won in the same category. The victory was repeated in 2018 with the Moto Snap 360 Camera, Moto Stereo Speaker and Moto Gamepad. In the previous year, Moto Z and Moto Snaps were also featured at Red Dot, taking the “Best of the Best” award home.

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