Motorola Razr 5G returns to show new design in photos


So far we know that there are two Motorola folding models for the coming months: while the real successor should be called Razr 2 and can be launched only in 2021 with a major design leap, an updated version of the Razr launched in 2019 it should arrive with minor structural changes.

After the photo leak earlier this week, the 2020 Razr 5G will once again be featured in more silver-colored photographs and few external changes.

In the image above we can see the device closed in compact mode with the external fixed screen turned off. The glass panel remains curved as in the first generation, and now the silver color highlights what was once black and gold, but the big change is for the camera.

Before, the 2019 Razr had a centralized camera with curved glass around the lens and a flash positioned just below the sensor. Now the new Razr 5G stands out for its lens without protrusion, the flash positioned next to the lens and three holes that can be used to help focus and light sensors.

Above it is also possible to clearly notice the lack of the biometric reader positioned at the bottom edge of the first generation of the foldable. Now, it is very likely that the sensor is under the OLED display or in the region on the right side.

The images also show the inner region of the smartphone with the same 6.2-inch screen, even wide notch to house the selfies camera and speakerphone for calls, in addition to a general design inspired by the classic V3.

With the change in the design of the outer cover, Motorola is expected to add an updated photo sensor with 48 MP resolution widely used today, in addition to a new 20 MP selfies camera and Snapdragon 765G chipset with 5G connectivity.

More information about the company’s next folding should come very soon.


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