Motorola Razr 2: Lenovo director confirms new foldable for 2020


In a podcast interview, Lenovo’s CEO in South Africa revealed that there is a Motorola Razr 2 on the way in 2020. Executive Thibault Dousson has let it slip that the brand plans to launch the second generation of the foldable in September.

Apparently, Dousson intended to confirm the launch of the second generation of the Motorola Razr. “There’s a (new Motorola Razr) coming in September, I imagine.”, He said at the 18th minute to the host of the Reframed Tech podcast. At 42 minutes, the director reiterated his revelation by citing the “second generation” of the foldable.

If your statement is correct, the Motorola Razr will only have seven days as the brand’s flagship folding – considering it was launched in February after numerous postponements. The “second generation” – as mentioned by the general manager – can repair the various problems noticed after the launch of the cell phone and adapt it to its price range.

The Motorola Razr announcement was a great moment for the market: the return of one of the brand’s most iconic lines would introduce Motorola to foldable phones. The design aroused nostalgia and the novelty of a Razr-style folding device attracted public eye; but his reception was not so warm.

Quickly, durability tests pointed out fragility in the display and hinges – it could present problems within 1 year. The cell phone was also a major repair puzzle, considered “extremely complex” by iFixit itself. Finally, its launch was strongly compromised by the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, foldable in the same style, but with more powerful hardware and in the same price range.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the manufacturer has finally returned to top of the line phones with the Motorola Edge +, indicating technological improvement. The next generation can finally have a Motorola Razr equipped with cutting-edge components and match its very high value.


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