Motorola phones: meet the 3 models of the Moto G9 line


Motorola has consolidated itself in the intermediary smartphone market for years, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. And after so long, the Moto G9 line ended up showing itself as a sum of company hits, with some points that leave something to be desired, but that do not detract from the shine of its most popular devices.

If you are thinking of migrating to the current generation of Motorola, but have not yet decided which phone to buy, check below a comparison between Motorola G9 Play, Motorola G9 Power and Motorola G9 Plus.

Moto G9 Play

The entry model of the line is a simpler phone, but offers a very interesting configuration. Starting with its processor, the Snapdragon 662, a chip of great performance and that positions it considerably above most of the entry models.

With it, you will be able to use the main applications available, without crashes. And that becomes even more interesting, thanks to the 4 GB of RAM, which allows it to work with several applications in the background, offering a really pleasant experience. In addition, it is a Motorola 64GB internal storage phone, enough space so you don’t have to worry about it for a long time.

Its screen is 6.5 inches, with HD + resolution on an IPS display. You will be able to watch movies and series without problems, but it is important to highlight two things: the panel, as it is not AMOLED, does not have the same performance, especially in contrast, and the resolution could be Full HD, resulting in an even better experience.

But on the other hand, with an HD + screen, the battery lasts longer, and here it means a lot. There are 5000 mAh, which result up to two days away from the charger, depending on the intensity of use.

Finally, the Motorola G9 Play cameras offer exactly what is expected from a cell phone in this category. The main sensor has 48 MP, and makes very good photos in well-lit environments. When in low light environments, you can use night vision, which corrects the problem satisfactorily. It also features a 2 MP macro camera. On the front, the camera has 8 MP, and delivers good photos according to a device in this segment.


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