Motorola One Zoom gets test versions of Android 10


Last week Motorola fans were finally able to celebrate the release of Android 10 for the Moto G8 Plus, which started receiving the current version of Google’s operating system via OTA (Over-the-Air)

Now it’s time for Motorola One Zoom users to celebrate, too. This is because, about a year after its launch, the device began to receive trial versions of the software in Brazil.

It is worth mentioning, however, that this update that the Motorola One Zoom started to receive refers to the company’s Soak Test program, which releases the update to a limited number of users who registered on the manufacturer’s forum to test the updates as soon as these are starting to become available.

Therefore, it is to be expected that, at first, a very limited number of users will receive the notification to update the devices and, in a few weeks, that number will start to grow gradually. As soon as the public tests are completed, a larger base of Motorola One Zoom users should start receiving the final version of the software.

Another important point to note is that the software versions available in soak tests are considered “almost stable”, that is, it is a good indicator that the final version is very close.

It is worth remembering that, despite carrying the name “One”, Motorola One Zoom is not part of Google’s Android One program, so updates for it do not arrive as often as the first device in this family, which was launched in 2018.


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