Motorola Moto G Fast has video leaked ahead of time


Apparently, Motorola let out a new Moto G. The company reportedly accidentally published a video on the Moto G Fast on Tuesday (26), but then took it down. The move was noticed by the PulseMouse website.

Despite not being able to download the video at the time of publication, the site linked the upload of the channel ‘Umair’s Wishlist’, which had access to the content. In it, Motorola highlights the following points of the Moto G Fast:

  • “Impressively fast performance”
  • “Snapdragon octa-core processor”
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • Macro and wide-angle cameras (118 °)
  • “Battery for 2 days”

The promotional video does not mention which version of Qualcomm’s chipset is used. Other specifications – such as cameras, software or battery – are also not mentioned.

It is possible to identify aspects of the Moto G8 line in this new device. On the other hand, its nomenclature does not carry any numerals. As noted by the GSMArena website, this is common for Moto G cell phones in the United States and Europe. In Germany, the ‘Moto G Stylus’ was launched as ‘Moto G Pro’.

What do you know?
Some visual details of the supposed Moto G Fast can be seen. Its screen has a hole in the left corner for the front camera, as in others in the G8 line. The left-aligned camera pattern is also repeated on the rear, as well as the fingerprint reader. In total, the phone should have three cameras.

The video also transits, at times, in the ‘Moto’ application interface, which brings together gestures and screen resources. The on / off and volume control buttons are located on the left side, but it was not possible to identify a 3.5 mm headphone jack, for example.

From the images released, the cell phone will have more visible front edges than the current models of the Moto G8 line. Especially in the lower area. Despite this, details like the texture on the back cover are also recovered on the supposed Moto G Fast.

It is worth noting that three Moto G8 cell phones bring the Snapdragon 665 chipset, and two of them – G8 Power Lite and G8 Play, respectively – MediaTek’s Helio P35 and Helio P70M chipsets. On phones with 5,000 mAh, Motorola also highlights two days of use. The manufacturer declined to comment.


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