Motorola launches inflatable chair for Motorola Razr sales


Motorola released, on the 12th, a teaser with a date for an event, in which its next folding smartphone should be presented – speculated as a possible Razr 5G. At the event, scheduled for September 9, it is expected to see Motorola’s next foldable which, according to speculation, will have a main camera of 48 MP, 8 GB of memory, 256 GB of storage and a battery of 2,845 mAh.

But, while that doesn’t happen, it seems that the company still has some plans in mind to boost sales of the Motorola Razr 2019. That’s because the company has signed a partnership with Minnidip – which produces several inflatable products – for the production of a chair personalized with design that, like the Razr 2019, also refers to the early 2000s.

Called MINNIDIP X RAZR CH (AIR) it has the color Gold Blush – same color as the Motorola Razr 1019 – in its seat, with the sides completely transparent. It also features, on one of the armrests, an inclined support to position the cell phone – in the perfect fit for the Razr 2019 – or any other smartphone with similar size.

So far, you probably ask “how could an inflatable chair boost sales of a cell phone?” The answer lies in a discount “coupon” for the purchase of the foldable smartphone on Motorola’s official website.

Those who purchase the RAZR CH (AIR) will have a $ 200 discount on the Motorola Razr 2019 purchase (approximately R $ 1,085, in direct conversion). To access the discount, a customer must claim the coupon on the official Motorola website in the United States.

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MINNIDIP X RAZR CH (AIR) is now available on the official Minnidip website and can be purchased for US $ 70 (approximately R $ 380). So far there is no forecast for such a campaign outside the United States.


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