Motorola Edge S confirms score Snapdragon 870


The Motorola Edge S phone, which had leaked images like Nio, has a confirmed release date, as the manufacturer indicated that the product will reach the mobile market on January 26, showing that the company is dedicated to making available as soon as possible a smartphone with attractive settings for the public.

In addition, when making this announcement, the brand made it clear which Qualcomm platform will be adopted for this new device, which is the Snapdragon 870, which was announced last Tuesday (19), as another chipset option with focus on high-end mobile phones, which currently only had the Snapdragon 888.

However, this was not the only information obtained by the model before the launch was made, since the device had its score disclosed in the AnTuTu benchmark application, showing a performance superior to the smartphones launched by Motorola throughout 2020, showing that the chip present in it is a little better, but still far from the 888.

With that, it was clear that the Moto Edge S will feature the Snapdragon 870, with a total score of 679,860. In the individual points, the cell phone reached 189,694 in CPU, 290,268 in GPU, 103,322 in memory tests and 96,576 in UX.

Obviously, some changes in the numbers should happen when the final version is released, since the prototype normally uses and abuses the specifications in order to show how far it is possible to go with the model.

Therefore, the public only has to wait for the launch on January 26 to learn more about performance, photographic quality and price.

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