Motorola Edge+ is praised, but gets average grade in camera tests


The top-of-the-line Motorola Edge + smartphone, which marks the manufacturer’s return to this category of phones, was evaluated in camera tests by the traditional DxO Mark website. Overall, the Motorola device received the overall score 113, ranking 20th in the ranking that takes into account all models analyzed on the platform. This means that he received ratings similar to that of devices from 2019, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Honor 20 Pro, being considered “respectable”, but a far cry from leaders like the leader Huawei P40 Pro.

Among the compliments, the camera is able to record a high level of detail, reduce noise a lot and have an acceptable white balance and dynamic range. In the case of the video, the exposure, the high level of detail in most situations and the accurate tracking of the autofocus were the pros of the analysis.

Among the criticisms, the device presents loss of details with intense use of the zoom and on the sides, saturation in some situations and a low exposure in night portraits. In the video, the problems are in the low stabilization during movement and some problems with shadows and color quantization.

That is…

Ultimately, the conclusion of the analysis is that the model takes great pictures and performs well on video, despite slipping on some specific features. For this reason and for some company slips, it is below other top of the line in the ranking of the site – but that does not mean that it is that bad.

The Edge + triple camera set has a 108 MP main sensor, an 8 MP telephoto, and a 16 MP wide angle. The device was officially unveiled by the manufacturer in April 2020 and, due to its release date and expectations, part of the community expected a higher rating.

It is worth remembering that the site is very rigorous in tests and takes into account several specificities that many users may not even notice in the most everyday portraits. The complete analysis can be seen in the DxO Mark itself (in English).


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