Motorola Edge + May Be The First Phone of the Company With 108 MP Camera


The camera features of Motorola’s upcoming flagship Edge + have been revealed. According to the allegations, Motorola will use a 108 MP resolution main camera produced by Samsung in its new flagship.

Motorola, one of the most preferred phone manufacturers of consumers before the spread of smartphones, is no longer as popular as before. Working mostly on mid-range and endurance certified devices, the company often doesn’t choose to develop flagship phones. However, Motorola’s upcoming new phone, Edge +, appears to be the company’s flagship flagship.

In the past, some information about Motorola’s flagship has emerged. As part of this information, it was stated that the phone will be powered by Snapdragon 865, will be powered by 12 GB of RAM and will most likely come with 5G support. The new information that is emerging now reveals the camera features of Motorola Edge +.

The rendered images related to Motorola Edge + recently revealed that the phone would have a triple camera setup. The new claims revealed that this camera setup will be 108 MP + 16 MP + 8 MP. It is stated that the camera with a resolution of 16 MP will be used as an ultra wide angle and 8 MP will be used as a telephoto camera.

According to the claims, the 108 MP main rear camera of Motorola Edge + consists of the sensor produced by Samsung. However, sources say they’re not sure at the moment whether this 108 MP sensor is the sensor Xiaomi uses or the sensor Samsung uses. In any case, having a 108 MP resolution camera on a phone is of great importance. Because this camera will be a first for Motorola.

It is said that the screen of Motorola Edge + will be 6.67 inches in size and will have a 90 Hz screen refresh rate. It is also rumored that the battery of this phone will have a capacity of 5.170 mAh and will have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


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