Motorola Edge 20 Pro: Playing it Safe


The Motorola Edge 20 Pro is a cell phone that might not make a lot of sense at first, but as you think about it, the more it makes sense. And now that we’ve spent more than 1 month testing it, it’s given us a lot of time to think, so let’s get together and let’s talk about everything we think about it.


In design, Motorola didn’t skimp. The front is all glass, with small edges and curving inward in an inconspicuous way (unless you look closely). The front camera is in a very small, centered hole. The body is made of metal, the back is made of glass protected by Gorilla Glass technology and both are slightly curved, covered in a material that feels difficult to describe, something between glass, plastic and rubber. So it’s a nice device to hold, even though it’s too wide and tall to use with one hand, even for those with big hands. The device isn’t light, but it’s also not the heaviest we’ve tested.

It is available in white or blue, being matte and elegant, but at the same time showing some shine depending on how the light hits. You can see the fingerprints well, but not as prominently as full-gloss glass. Regardless, the user will probably want to use the transparent case that Motorola included in the box or any other cover that you prefer, after all it’s really glass and, in the case of curved glass, like the ones on the back, you can’t be too careful.

The volume lever is on the right, just above the power button which is also the fingerprint reader. Its position is great to reach with ease, making unlocking fast and accurate. Underneath is the USB-C connector and a sound-to-media output, which is a shame as a stereo speaker would be very welcome. Not that his sound is bad or too weak, but in the high-end market this kind of factor “counts points”. Anyway, there’s no headphone jack on it and, on the left, there’s an extra button exclusive to Google Assistant. Considering that you can activate by voice commands and not remap that key to do other functions, we didn’t see much use in it. At least her position is elevated, which prevents her from being unintentionally triggered.


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