MotoGP 21: first contact on the virtual asphalt


We have had access to a preview build of MotoGP 21. This has been our feeling in this first contact on the asphalt.

MotoGP 21 is just a few weeks away from starting its particular virtual season. Milestone persists as every year in its effort to transfer the competition on two wheels to consoles and PC. This year is even more special, since it coincides with the first 12 months of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S cycle.

In MeriStation we have been able to test the first races of a build in development, given the limitations in terms of content. We already know what this year’s track broadcasts.

Contact with the asphalt

The delivery of the previous course had become “one more step in the evolution” of the Italians when it comes to transferring the sensations of motorcycles to a traditional control. And the truth is that that phrase flutters again when doing the same in MotoGP 21. There are nuances in driving that are reflected at the handlebar, without aids that can intervene in our performance.

One of the keys to this edition is the suspension system. Already during its revelation it was emphasized that it had been “revised” in order to increase “the level of realism.” If we look at its rivals in the genre, these improvements are similar to those that Codemasters introduced in F1 2018. At that time we said that the behavior of the chassis was “within a broader spectrum”. The car responded in much more diverse ways than before. A piano, a blockage at the wrong time, the imperfection of the track passing a punished sector … Some of the work of the British has been impregnated in the official video game with the Dorna seal.

Given the logical changes from a 4-wheel versus 2-wheel car, the moments where the system shines happen when taking a vertex. If we are in the peloton and we want to correct the direction in full tilt, both the wheel with which we brake and the rider react in real time. Believe us if we tell you that it is difficult to explain it in words; once you interpret it on the track you know with a single glance at the bike where it is, when we have to risk and when we have to lower the revs.


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