Moto E20 and Moto E40: Understand The Differences And Similarities


Moto E20: The year 2021 was full of smartphone launches, with models of all styles arriving on the market. Motorola, a very popular brand in cost-effective cell phones, was not left out of the major launches, with many new features in the Moto G family and without leaving aside other lines, such as the Moto E family.

Motorola 2021 cell phones launches include the E20 and E40, which arrived in Brazil in September and October, respectively. Both are entry-level cell phones, aimed at those who do not usually demand so much from the device, ideal for using social networks, internet and basic services.

In this article, we’ve made a comparison between the two models so you know which one to buy. Check out:


The two cell phones are physically similar, the differences being very specific. The Moto E40’s front camera looks like a hole above the screen, while the Moto E20 has a teardrop shape.

The back is similar, just changing the texture from one to the other. The set of cameras is positioned vertically on the two devices.


Both models have 6.5-inch HD+ screens, a common configuration in more basic devices, providing less image quality than Full HD. The fact that it is an IPS LCD screen also shows that the screen settings are simpler, expressing less vivid colors with less contrast.

What differentiates the two devices in this regard is the refresh rate. The Moto E40’s screen has 90Hz, a high number compared to other devices in the same price range, while the Moto E20‘s has 60Hz. With that, the Moto E40 presents smoother transitions and a more pleasing image to the eyes.