Mothers parade as Pokémon teachers at the Carnival of Merida 2020


On February 20, moms from the Maya tribe na were dressed in the iconic Pokémon master’s costume from the original games of the Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow franchise with their children dressed as Pikachú, Charizard and other types of Pokémon.

Everything happened at the Mérida 2020 carnival, where this party was the sensation of the celebration since its ingenuity and charisma monopolized the eyes of all the attendees.

Posted by Zuheily Quijano Martínez on Friday, February 21, 2020

According to several local media it was revealed that the Pokémon mothers belong to the “Maya Na Tribe” and it was on the Facebook page that they showed off photos and the incredible moment.

It is a very nice gesture since you can see how a group of moms carry their children and dance to the rhythm of the music and steal the applause of all attendees.

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