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Reaching 7 billion 41 views, Baby Shark left Despacito clip of Luis Fonsi behind and became the most watched video on YouTube. However, the difference between the two videos is only 3 million.

In a report we shared with you about 3 years ago, we reported that Despacito, the legendary song of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee that turned into a phenomenon, reached 4.6 billion views and became the most video on YouTube. However, we all know that records are for breaking.

Despacito, which has continued to increase its number of views since it took over the title of the most watched video of YouTube and has reached 7 billion 38 million views as of now, has not been able to hold the title of YouTube’s most watched video even more, despite this extraordinary statistics.

YouTube’s most watched video is now a Baby Shark clip

The music video of the song Baby Shark, released nearly 4 and a half years ago by South Korean Pinkfong, which produces educational and entertainment-oriented content such as children’s songs and content, now surpasses Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito video with 7 billion 41 million views. . Yes, the difference between the two songs with billions of views is currently only 3 million.

Considering that Luis Fonsi released his Despacito clip in January 2017 and Pinkfong released his Baby Shark clip in June 2016, we can say that Baby Shark, which is currently the most watched video on YouTube, increased its popularity long after its release. Nevertheless, let’s underline that the difference between the two videos is extremely small, considering the overall viewing rates, and the title can change hands ‘again’ at any time.

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It is still unknown who wrote the Baby Shark song, which has become a phenomenon all over the world and that almost all children using YouTube know by heart. The song did not gain great popularity when it first appeared. But it quickly went viral around the world when she was voiced by 10-year-old South Korean-American singer Hope Segoine and supported by Pinkfong in the clip.

Luis Fonsi, formerly the most watched video on YouTube – Despacito

Pinkfong – Baby Shark, YouTube’s “new” top-rated video


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