Most watched episodes by fans of the CBS action drama


Hawaii Five-0 aired its final episode with the tenth season in 2010, despite running for 240 episodes as one of the most successful crime dramas on CBS.

Hawaii Five-0 managed to accumulate an extensive fan base around the world during the broadcast of its ten seasons. Some of its episodes, became the favorites of viewers according to the specialized site IMDb.

In this sense, we show you the Hawaii Five-0 episodes that were most watched by fans according to their rating, because they were loaded with a lot of action.

“Ha’i’ole” Episode 1 Season 2

During the Hawaii Five-0 season two premiere, fans were fascinated by the introduction of the episode in which Steve is seen escaping from prison with the help of hitman Victor Hesse (James Marsters), the man who he actually killed his father.

Remember that Steve was sent to prison after being accused of killing the governor; of course, it was a montage of “Wo Fat”. Later, Danny, Kono, and Chin help his boss by clearing his name and proving “Wo Fat” guilty. The episode received a rating of 8.9 according to IMDb.

“Ho’onani Makuakane” Episode 10 Season 4

This episode earned a 9.1 rating on IMDb. The history of Pearl Harbor and WWII, while including “Steve’s” personal moments, were included in the “Ho’onani Makuakane” episode, making it a very emotional one for Hawaii Five-0 fans.

 “Oia’i’o” Episode 24 Season 1

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 earned a rating of 9.1. In it, it consists of a series of turbulent events, including the murder of Laura Hills (Kelly Hu) and the imprisonment of Steve for the murder of the governor.

In episode 24 of the first season of Hawaii Five-0, Steve is attacked by “Wo Fat”, who eventually kills the governor, and Kono is arrested for her involvement in a robbery that had occurred earlier in the installment.


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