Most Popular Car Color of the Year, 2020


Axalta Coating Systems announced the most popular car colors worldwide in 2020. White became the most popular car color for the 10th time in a row.

The tastes and colors are indisputable … We know that. But at least we can keep track of it and extract statistics. USA-based Axalta Coating Systems, which provides paint solutions for the automobile industry, published the 68th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report and uncovered the most popular car colors of 2020.

If you know which are the most popular car colors in previous years, we can say that you will not be surprised for 2020. Because white became the most popular car color of the year for the tenth time in a row. White was followed by black and gray / silver, respectively.

This is how the most popular car colors of 2020 by region

According to the shared infographic, white, black and gray / silver, which we can call “neutral colors”, continue to be by far the most popular automobile colors with a total market share of 81 percent. While white is the most popular color with 38 percent market share; it is followed by black with 19 percent market share and gray with 15 percent.

Blue and red, which we can call the most popular car “colors”, had a market share of 7 percent and 5 percent, respectively, in 2020. Brown / beige, which appeared as slightly more assertive colors, had a 3 percent market share, and yellow / gold had a 2 percent market share. At this point, it should not be forgotten that the distribution of market share and the ranking of the most popular automobile colors may vary from country to country, and the statistics we have quoted cover the global market.


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