Most of us are lucky to get one bouquet of flowers for our birthday. Kylie Jenner shows off hundreds of flowers, relics and more


I don’t know about everyone, but on my birthdays I usually get a bunch of gift cards at the end of the evening and a strong hangover the next day. And as for flower arrangements? Well, most of us are lucky to get at least one of them on a special day, but billionaire Kylie Jenner is, so to speak, a horse of a different color. The reality star showed off how she and others celebrated the start of their 25th anniversary around the sun, and it included hundreds of flowers, fireworks and more.

After all, a quarter of a century is serious. Kylie Jenner’s birthday was officially on August 10, just a few weeks after Sister Khloe Kardashian’s birthday celebration. And although Kardashian launched everything by sending everyone on a beach vacation to Camp CoCo, Jenner’s plans were clearly more… restrained? The beauty mogul shared several pictures of her huge foyer filled with gorgeous bouquets in Instagram stories, and yes, I am very jealous. Check out the assortment below, which presents a triple assortment of pale pink roses, about two dozen in each pot.

Flowers are definitely Kylie Jenner’s best friends, especially roses. Her longtime beau Travis Scott famously sent her hundreds of roses on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. And we know she has a penchant for bathing in rose petal baths, so apparently that’s where at least some of these birthday events are headed in the future. Although someone broke the ranks and sent a bouquet of no less beautiful sunflowers to a newly minted 25-year-old girl.

We could go on because Kylie Jenner seriously got more flowers on her birthday than days in a full year. (Maybe not, but who is wise at this moment?) However, it was not only about bright bouquets, it was celebrated in other ways.

Apparently, Jenner was apparently 25 years old when he was throwing a party on a yacht when fireworks broke out in the background (which could possibly rival the Fourth of July), according to Instagram. She also revealed who attended the party in another post, including her sisters Kim and Kendall, mom Kris Jenner, Travis Scott and several close friends.

Nevertheless, the young mother of two children took care to remind us of her humble beginnings on her birthday. On Twitter, Kylie Jenner actually posted a throwback to what was her very first birthday party. And to be honest, the Tweety Bird theme at the time was much more #Relatable, along with Kris Jenner rocking mom’s 90s bob:

August 10, 1998 🦋 my first birthday 🤍

In truth, Kylie Jenner faced one controversy after another shortly before the celebration, as it is related to her high wealth and status. In particular, the fact that she flaunts the use of her private jet has caused a serious negative reaction on the Internet. The TV presenter apparently reacted to the situation in much the same way as Amber Heard regarding her finances – demonstrating how “normal” she was while shopping at Target, that is. However, Jenner was later criticized even more for allegedly “gaslighting” followers and unsanitary practices of Kylie Beauty.

So, all in all, showing off billions of flowers (that other people bought her) and fireworks was probably the best hand Kylie Jenner could play at the moment. But now my imagination is running wild from how extravagant it really was behind the scenes.

Alas, we will see a little more of the famous family when the second season of their reality show The Kardashians begins streaming for Hulu subscribers on September 22.


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