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Sensor Tower announced its third quarter mobile app market statistics. TikTok was the most downloaded mobile application in the statements made. The research showing that the App Store has earned more than the Google Play Store reveals that the most winning game is “Honor of Kings”.

US-based mobile app market research company Sensor Tower has released a new report for the third quarter of 2020. The published report shows that TikTok, the most discussed social media platform of recent times, continues to be the most downloaded application worldwide. Moreover, the mobile application market continues to grow day by day.

According to the report of Sensor Tower, the mobile application market grew by 23.3 percent on an annual basis for the last quarter. However, this growth was determined by data from Google Play Store and App Store alone. So if we take into account other app stores, it should be clearly stated that the growth is much greater.

TikTok is number one of both Google Play Store and App Store

According to the published report, TikTok is number one in the mobile application industry in both the App Store and Google Play Store. TikTok is followed by applications such as Facebook, Zoom, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google Meet. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the most downloaded applications around the world;

Here are the 10 most downloaded apps in the third quarter

Google Meet
Snack Video

Ignoring China, App Store Revenue is higher than Google Play Store

Sensor Tower also announced the expenditures made on the basis of applications. Accordingly, players spent around $ 19 billion from the App Store in the third quarter. In this context, the money earned by Google Play Store was announced as 10.3 billion dollars. However, at this point, it should be said that the Google Play Store is not used in China. In other words, it is necessary to say that the total money earned in the Android ecosystem is much more than 10.3 billion dollars.

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Honor of Kings was the highest winning game of the last quarter

Sensor Tower’s report also highlights the top-earning games in the third quarter. When we look at the data announced in this context, we can say that Tencent Games has made a serious income, especially in the App Store. Because “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG Mobile” are the top two winning games of the App Store. But Tencent Games does not seem to earn as much as it wants on the Google Play Store.

Here are the top 10 revenue-generating games in the third quarter of 2020

Honor of kings
PUBG Mobile
Pokemon GO
Coin Master
Fate / Grand Order
Monster Strike
DBZ Dokkan Battle
candy Crush Saga



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