Most Advanced Filtering Extension For Your Website


Online shopping is all about speed. Whenever someone goes shopping online, they expect to find the perfect product for them within seconds. If they don’t, they move on to another website and search there.

As an eCommerce website, it’s pivotal that you present the best and most relevant options to users the first time. They’ll be more likely to come back if they know you have what they’re looking for.

For users of Magento 2, layered navigation extensions will help your users find the perfect product the first time, every time. This layered navigation extension allows your users to pick and choose what options they want to be presented with. This way, they can find exactly what they’re looking for. Other filters can still let some bad results through, but the Magento 2 extension only presents relevant options to your users.

Filter By Size, Color, Price, and More

The layered navigation extension utilizes AJAX which allows users to filter multiple categories at once, without having to reload the page and properties. This will greatly speed up loading times and have your users in and out in no time. You can choose almost any option to filter by – sizes, colors, brands, prices, reviews, etc.

This creates a more personalized search and lets your users know they aren’t being offered only the sponsored products. They can decide what products they’re seeing, and they can tell the website exactly what they’re looking for. This greatly improves user experience (UX) and will likely promote further use by those consumers.

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Adds Predicted Filters

Another addition provided by this extension is the predicted filters offered. When a user filters their search for the perfect item, they are met with suggestions by the website for filters they can add to optimize their next search based on their current one. This helps personalize the experience even more and allows your website to lead users towards finding the product they desire.

Applies Illustrations to Filters

The base layered navigation offered by Magento 2 only uses text boxes when adding filters to the search. This extension adds illustrations to the filters which help separate every option and make it more appealing to the user. With only text options, the filters can get jumbled and become confusing. With images, users will be able to decipher which option does what.

The Better User Experience, The More Users

One of the most important aspects of any website is how users interact with it. If they Aren’t satisfied about how the website functions or what is being presented to them, they will likely abandon it and move on to another website. If they stumble across your website again when searching for something later, they might not stick around to see if your website has improved.

Getting the UX and user interface (UI) right should be your focus when designing the website. With a layered navigation filter, you can optimize your eCommerce site and make it so that consumers will want to return often.


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