Moss: Book 2 – How to Pass the Foundry (Chapter 5)


The Foundry is one of the later chapters in Moss: Book 2, and there are a lot of difficult puzzles to solve in order to reach the boss. While exploring the Foundry, players can find eight Scrolls, as well as a new weapon and a set of armor. A lot of the puzzles will require a mix of weapons and abilities, so players will need to use all of Quill’s skills to finish the fifth chapter.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Moss: Book 2.]

The Foundry level starts after players read the section of the book where Sahima gives Quill her glass piece. This chapter comes after the Mountain in Moss: Book 2 is completed. The Reader and Quill will have an emotional reunion before vowing to finish what Uncle Argus started. From there, Quill sets out to reach the heart of the Foundry and defeat the Warden so she can avenge her uncle and stop Tylan from destroying all of Moss.

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Once Quill and the Reader are reunited, they can backtrack through the tunnels past Uncle Argus’ grave. The next area will have a combat challenge to complete, then the Reader can drop the stalactite so Quill can use her sword dash to get across the gap and exit. In the next room, Quill can dash to another fallen stalactite, then throw the Chakram weapon she got from Sahima at the ‘X’ in the back of the room. Jumping up and walking toward the barrier will line up the Chakram with the breakable orb, then Moss: Book 2’s Quill can call the weapon back and enter the Foundry.

How To Unlock The Hammer In Moss: Book 2

The first Foundry diorama has a pressure plate that Quill can stand on, then the Reader will be able to pull up the central pillar to reveal a spiral staircase. Quill can dash to each side and destroy the orbs so the Reader can pull the handles on either side of the bridge and lower it. Quill can climb up and go through the opening. Ignoring the enemy in the next room, Quill can climb the rocks on the right closest to the Reader. The enemy has metal armor that can’t be broken until a stronger weapon is obtained.

While continuing to find room puzzle solutions, Quill will need to avoid the lava dripping from the ceiling throughout the rest of the Foundry level. There are two platforms in the next section that move opposite each other. Players can pull out the one on the right to get Quill to the lower level, then pull the left one so she can climb up and go through the tunnel.

The diorama in the next section also has two platforms that the Reader can manipulate. Quill can stand on the right one, then go through the opening. Once again, players will need to pull the platforms to get Quill through the next room before finally reaching the area with the new weapon. When Quill climbs up to the statue, the Reader needs to pull the hammer out of it. Quill will grab the new weapon, which can be used to hit heavy pressure plates, destroy metal boxes, and break the metal on armored enemies.

How To Open The Gate & Find The Warden In Moss: Book 2

In order to get out of the room, the Reader can activate the hammer’s charge attack to create a phantom hammer at Quill’s position. Quill needs to be moved onto the circular platform before the Reader activates the charged hammer. Pressing the button will lift Quill to the exit. The next room, and the rest of the Foundry puzzles, work similarly in that the Reader needs to position the hammer, then move Quill to the right platform before hitting the pressure plate.

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To open the gate, players can get the hammer ready by the button, move Quill to the platform in the back, then activate the hammer. There will be an enemy that spawns in the upper area. The Reader can switch between platforms by pulling them to get the enemy across and onto the button, then Quill can exit this area of the game.

When Quill returns to the main room, there will be a combat encounter to win before moving on. The stairs on the right upper platform can be taken after finishing the combat challenge. Up the stairs, there’s a room with obstacles that can smash Quill if players don’t time their movements right. There are gated doorways on either side of the room, but it doesn’t matter which one players go through first. The one on the right requires the hammer to open, and an enemy can be dragged to the pressure plate on the left to open the other gate.

The gate on the right leads to a puzzle room where the solution involves moving two pillars that the Reader can pull up. Quill can just run through the opening on the right, or players can use the hammer pressure plate to get to the upper platform and find a Scroll. To get up to the treasure chest, Quill can smash the boxes on the right and climb up the ledges. The chest contains one of two main story quest items needed to reach the Warden’s arena. After grabbing the quest item, Quill can go back to the room with the two gates and go through the one on the left this time.

Quill can go to the hammer pressure plate and jump up to destroy the orb in the back using the Chakram. The orb will break the barrier on the wheel where the pressure plate is. Players can spin the wheel so it lines up with the right side. The hammer pressure plate at the center of the diorama can then be used to lower the gate on the right. Past the right gate, Quill can go across the walkway to find a lever that will let a cannon enemy out. The Reader can use the wheel to expose orbs by hitting the center with the hammer when it lines up with the left and right sides. When the hammer hits the pressure plate on either side, the cannon can shoot the orbs to break down the barrier in the back. Quill can then ride the platform in the back up toward the exit after the Reader spins the wheel to line the hammer button up with the center activation point.

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In the next room, Moss: Book 2’s Quill can climb up after breaking the boxes and claim the second quest item from the treasure chest. Once both items are obtained, Quill can use the stairs to return to the main room that came before the area with the smashing obstacles and two gates. The hammer pressure plate in the center can be used to reach the bottom floor. Quill will need to stand on the button so the Reader can place the quest items in the slots on either side of the door. To complete the Foundry, Quill will need to defeat the Warden past the open gate.

How To Defeat The Warden In Moss: Book 2

In the first phase, the Warden will smack their hand down a few times before leaving it on the ground. Players will need to set up a charged hammer and hit the Warden when their hand stays on the ground in order to defeat this difficult boss. After destroying the armor, there will be a few enemies to fight while the Warden heats up their hammer. In the second phase, the Warden swings the hammer, then Quill needs to jump over the ring of fire that it produces.

When the hammer stays on the ground, there will be three rings of fire to jump over before a handle appears on the top of the weapon. The Reader can pull the handle to expose the orbs on the sides, then Quill can hit them to destroy them. When both orbs are destroyed, phase two will repeat one more time, then the Warden will collapse. Quill can jump onto the hammer to trigger the final blow, then use it to cross the gap and exit the area. Quill can exit the Foundry and follow the path to get back to the main floor of the castle and complete chapter five in Moss: Book 2.



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