Mortal Shell: Vital Receptacles from a Dark Past


A new Soulslike comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One of independent cut; Take on a desolate world in a demanding and challenging new adventure.

Soulslike video games already have their own subgenre, a type of adventure with very marked canons that tend to bet on exacerbated challenge and exigency to the limit as the main claims. And beyond the great exponents such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro from From Software or the Nioh from Team Ninja, among other similar bets in concept, in recent times other proposals have appeared, perhaps not so ambitious but that preserve everything that identifies such action RPGs, as is the case with the recent but irregular Hellpoint. Now comes the turn of Mortal Shell, the latest from Cold Symmetry, a small indie studio made up of just 15 employees who have completed a title that is generally convincing, but not without dragging certain pitfalls that prevent it from reaching higher among its counterparts. Let’s see what Mortal Shell has to offer fans of the genre on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Vital receptacles from a dark past

Of course, if there is one aspect in which Mortal Shell stands out over the rest of Soulslike, it is originality, something that is evident from the tutorial itself by way of introduction and where we are shown the bases of an adventure that is interesting and mysterious craving, although also somewhat ephemeral; but we will delve into that later. Beyond these considerations, the new Cold Symmetry follows the characteristics of the genre to the letter, that is, we are facing a demanding and challenging title that will force the player to be patient and be open to learning based on the mechanics of the game. trial and error, often falling into the sacrifice of direct fun. Although once we pass such a high access window, Mortal Shell is rewarding, causing sensations similar to those obtained when dominating bets as celebrated as Dark Souls themselves.

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So much so, that beyond certain mechanics inherited from Souls (such as combat, difficulty or progression), Mortal Shell forces us to learn again many of the aspects that identify this type of proposal. At the level of context, we travel to a medieval, fantastic and desolate world, in which the greed and desire of man have destroyed all hints of humanity. As a consequence, the great gods prevent beings with certain divine capacities from leaving behind such a hellish world where death and horror roam freely; it will be our mission, through different receptacles of fallen warriors, to discover our true mission. And so far we can read at the plot level so as not to reveal more than necessary; Let’s move on to what really matters in a video game of these characteristics: the gameplay and the experience at the controls.

As a wandering soul, our first step is to possess an empty shell to begin exploring such an enigmatic and terrifying universe. Thus, and as a tutorial, we will begin to move thanks to a weak and battered body, learning the basics of a combat that draws directly from Dark Souls, the main source of inspiration according to its own creators. As we advance, we will be able to possess other bodies, warriors fallen in combat with their own abilities and capacities, up to a total of four spread over the different areas of the world proposed by Mortal Shell. And instead of learning new skills, we will unlock memories of these bodies that will allow us to perform new actions or combat techniques, both active and passive.


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