Mortal Shell Arrives on PS Plus Without The Right To Upgrade To PS5


Mortal Shell: With the arrival of yet another batch of games for the PlayStation Plus catalogue, also arrives another controversy for Sony. After all, the edition of Mortal Shell made available for download in December 2021 does not include the PlayStation 5 upgrade.

In other words, despite having been announced in some territories as a title available to update for free on PlayStation Store, in practice the game is costing 30 dollars to make the transition between the PS4 Standard version and its PS5 Enhanced Edition!

Several reports spread across social networks attest to the impossibility of updating the game to the PlayStation 5, as happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier, although Square Enix was quite transparent in this case, warning early on that Plus would only enable the PS4 game.

So get ready to play only the non-optimized next-gen version when you download their Plus catalog for the month, getting the game with no 4K resolution support, no 60 fps, and no texture-enhanced.

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