Mortal Kombat: Trailer shows Scorpion and Sonya in action


The new adaptation for the big screen of Mortal Kombat has been gaining more and more public attention, and to give an extra taste of what is to come, the production team released a new trailer showing special moves by some of the main characters.

In the sequence that is below we can see Liu Kang using his fire magic, in addition to Sub-Zero creating crystals to freeze part of a street, the Scorpion harpoon and many other “kombatentes” giving a proof of what they can do in this new adaptation of games for theaters.

We also have the opportunity to see, albeit briefly, a moment in the fight between Cole Young (an unprecedented character created for the film and also the protagonist of this new saga) against Goro, who promises to be one of the fiercest of the entire film.

So, did you like it? It is worth remembering that the Mortal Kombat film is scheduled to premiere on April 15 on the HBO Max streaming platform.

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