Mortal Kombat reboot in movies will be death


One of the cast members of the new movie based on the NetherRealm game claims that some images have made him feel bad. Although the scriptwriter for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, Greg Russo, would have confirmed more than a year ago that it would have an adult-only “R” rating, it remained to be seen to what extent it would sustain extreme video game violence.

Russo also assured that the famous fatalities would not be absent from the appointment, but as long as there is no visual evidence in the form of a trailer, the doubt about the degree of viscerality of the film is there, but now it has been one of the actors who has stated that more than one stomach is going to churn.

They promise explicit violence

It was in an interview with Comicbook where Lewis Tan –Into The Badlands-, who is part of the cast of the film and aims to play Johnny Cage, has spoken about the degree of violence in the film. “Sometimes they made me feel sick,” Tan asserts. “Let me tell you this: There were days when they made me feel bad. I’m not kidding. I just couldn’t take it. ”

As we already know, it is far from the first time that Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang or Sonya Blade make an appearance on the big screen, since there was already a movie in 1995, recommended for over 13 years and that Although we are not talking much less about an unforgettable movie, it did have some acceptance among fans, especially thanks to the presence of an actor then with some recognition as Cristopher Lambert. It wouldn’t have the same 1997 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation reception, also with the same age rating as its predecessor.

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Curiously, it is not the only adaptation of a video game to the cinema in which Greg Russo is working, since he is also in command of the script of another reboot such as that of Resident Evil. This will also have a completely radical change of tone, heading more towards terror than towards the action inherent in those starring Milla Jovovich. In fact, as producer is James Wan, one of the great names of the genre, being in charge of sagas like Saw or the Warren File.


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