Mortal Kombat Mobile add Rain and celebrate anniversary


Mortal Kombat Mobile, game of the franchise for iOS and Android, celebrates its sixth anniversary. And as part of the celebrations, the game will gain a series of novelties, starting with the inclusion of the character Rain from the version of Mortal Kombat 11. The fighter is now available as a diamond fighter.

Rain is one of the most sought after characters in the gaming community. The fighter has deadly attacks from his Thundering Wrath, control over water and lightning. He starts each game with a Strength bar and has a chance to immediately counter his opponent’s Basic Attacks. His counterattack applies a new buff called “Soaked”, which slows down his opponents and makes them susceptible to further Lightning Strike damage from him, his teammates and even Equipment.

Another novelty of the game is the official Fatality of Shang Tsung: the Shapeshifter’s Barrage. Using his magical powers, the sorcerer who steals souls can transform into Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot to wreak havoc on his enemies. Soon, the character will also debut his Mortal Kombat 11 Brutality, Visceral Punt, through the new Wizard’s Tower and Equipment. To do this, players must equip MK11 Shang Tsung Diamante with the new Soul Reaver’s King Kobra Belt, and Soul Reaver’s Servant to make the opponent’s skull fly through the air. The new Wizard Tower and Equipment will be available soon.

The Relic Hunt event will also return, for a limited time, as part of the game’s sixth anniversary celebration. It will be available from April 5th to 12th and allows players to fight through a series of towers with a single mission: Shao Kahn free. Relics await at the top of each tower containing fragments of the spirit of Shao Kahn hidden by the Elder Gods. When enough spirit fragments are won, the player will unlock a diamond card from Shao Kahn that can be increased to Fusion X. And as an extra gift for players,

Finally, Mortal Kombat Mobile will also give you 50 free souls a day for an entire week, from April 5th to 11th.



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