Mortal Kombat: film director says violence is on the edge


The first trailer for the new film based on the Mortal Kombat franchise has already shown that it tries to be very faithful to various aspects of the series’ games. Only director Simon McQuoid ensured that his team went further in terms of the violence shown in the feature film and that they tried to push it to the limit of what is reasonable in the cinema.

According to McQuoid, they always knew that the film would have the highest possible age rating, so they decided to take advantage of that to explore the possibilities of what was possible to do with the fight scenes and the recreations of fatalities, those final blows characteristic of the series.

According to previously released information, the film will be released in theaters and on the HBO Max platform simultaneously. Then, you will be able to choose if you prefer to enjoy the work at home or on the big screen. Fortunately, we won’t even have to wait long for that, as the launch is scheduled for April 16 this year.

It is worth remembering that the first film adaptation of Mortal Kombat hit theaters in 1995 and had an age rating for teenagers, so it did not have a very adult language and neither did it have scenes of violence that were so explicit or strong. Despite that and the critics detonating the film, it was a huge success worldwide and guaranteed us one of the best theme songs imaginable. Just wait to see if this new adaptation will be able to repeat the dose.


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