Mortal Kombat disqualified from tournament for criticizing


A player is disqualified in a Mortal Kombat tournament for playing a prank regarding the simplicity of control of one of the fighters.

A player is disqualified from an official Mortal Kombat tournament after criticizing the studio live. Titaniumtigerzz, his nickname, changed the name of a variant of Sheeva to “WhyDidNRSdoThis” (“Why did NetherRealm do this?”). Shortly after the commentators of the live announced that the adversary of the American advanced in the round without having fought.

Speaking to Kotaku, the affected explained that he only wanted to make a soft criticism. “I did it thinking it would be funny since the character I was using was basically very easy to handle,” he said, underlining that the joke consisted of “Why have they made such a simple character?”

Titaniumtigerzz himself confirmed that he did not find out about the situation until a verdict was taken. “I was expelled in the first game I used that name. They didn’t give me any opportunity [to change my name] nor did they contact me. I would have changed it instantly if they had given me the option, ”he says.

The young man assures that he has received “various supports” from the competitive Mortal Kombat community, among those who do not agree with the measures taken and the way in which they were carried out. He doesn’t take away the desire to continue competing in future events either: “It’s the ‘pro’ competition and I’m a competitive player. Maybe I hate how they do things but at the end of the day it’s their game and I have no other options, “he concludes.

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