Mortal Kombat 11 announces Mileena, Rain


Warner Bros also unveils an Ultimate Edition, which will include all the content released to date. The eighties never went away.

In that, Mortal Kombat 11 has been especially picky. If the fights between RoboCop and Terminator weren’t enough, Sylvester Stallone returns with another of the iconic characters from that time. John Rambo is one of three new confirmed fighters, who will arrive within the Kombat Pack 2. And who else? Mileena and Rain. As if that were not enough, the Ultimate Edition of Mortal Kombat 11 has also been revealed, with that and all the previous content.

“Our art and design teams have polished every visual detail of the characters. The gameplay is amazing, the Fatalities are brutal and everything looks dead, ”writes Dominic Ciancolo of NetherRealm Studios in a new installment on the official PlayStation blog. Rain, the first of the new fighters, carries a katar, which he uses to slash and stab his enemies.Using his magic, he is able to open a rift that leads to a mysterious aquatic world. The studio has reimagined his classic movements, so his water powers are manifested in ways never seen before.

Mileena, for her part, now has sharp claws. “The gloves and the rest of her equipment look great. My favorite appearance is that of Mileena Kahnum, where she wears her own helmet in the style of Shao Kahn, ”says the creative.

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