Morphine Power Rangers Icon Amy Jo Johnson Responds To Claims She Passed On Netflix Special Over Money


OG Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson will always hold a special place in the hearts of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans. So when the upcoming Netflix MMPR Once and Always special was announced, fans were excited at the prospect of seeing most of the original team together. However, many were ultimately disappointed when they learned that Johnson and his co-stars Austin St. John and Jason David Frank (who had been approached long before his death) did not participate in the 30th anniversary special. Since then, there have been rumors that Johnson transferred the money, and she puts an end to this assumption.

This is not the first time the actress has spoken out about this. A few months ago, Amy Jo Johnson talked about not participating in the special event, explaining that she “never said no”…I just didn’t say yes to what was being offered.” It seems that many fans took this as a comment on her financial compensation. At the same time, the fan-favorite actress jumped on Twitter to clarify the situation. And the star of “Felicity” boldly and sternly answered a flurry of questions from fans, writing on Twitter:

Please stop saying that I didn’t reunite for the money. It’s just not true. Maybe I just didn’t want to wear spandex in my 50s or couldn’t go to New Zealand for a month. Or no beeswax 🐝 JDF and I both decided not to do it for our own reasons. They were filming before he left. … Glad to see my buddies @David_Yost and @Walterejones rock!!

According to her, there are many reasons why she did not join her colleagues on the set. In recent years, the former Mighty Morphin star has been dividing her time between raising children and directing films and TV projects. So one of the factors could be that she simply didn’t have the bandwidth. Besides, as she mentioned, squeezing into spandex when you’re over 40 may not be the most fun thing for a person to do.

Although she does not appear in the streaming special, Amy Jo Johnson expressed excitement about seeing David Yost and Walter Jones as Billy and Zack, respectively, again. So, anyway, it’s great to see that MMPR’s anniversary tribute enjoys her full support. Of course, those who love the franchise will still miss Kimberly very much.

While MMPR: Once and Always looks like a great addition to the canon, it comes at a very bittersweet time. Last year, the fandom mourned Jason David Frank after his tragic death by suicide. His passing led to an outpouring of tributes from his Power Rangers family, including Amy Jo Johnson. Before his death, Frank announced that he would not participate in the action for various reasons.

While Amy Jo Johnson and the other OGS will be missed, fans can look forward to the reunion of David Yost and Walter Jones with MMPR stars Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch and Katherine Sutherland in the long-awaited streaming release. The cast will be joined by franchise newcomer Charlie Kersh, who plays Min, the daughter of OG Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan. So rest assured, fans, as Johnson’s fellow Rangers will more than be able to contain the situation.

Premiere of the movie “Mighty Morphine: Power Ranger: Once and for All” will take place on April 19, so don’t forget to subscribe to Netflix to watch it. Also, before it comes out, find out about the new TV shows on Netflix that will be released this year.


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