Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman: Cryptocurrencies are permanent


Speaking at the third quarter balance sheet meeting of Morgan Stanley, one of the major investment banks, CEO James Gorman said that cryptocurrencies are permanent. Gorman said, “I don’t think crypto is a fad. Cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere.” said.


Gorman continued, “I have no idea what Bitcoin should or should not be worth, but the blockchain technology that underpins it is frankly very realistic and powerful.” used the phrases.

The CEO of Morgan Stanley also emphasized that the bank does not have a large demand for cryptocurrencies in its customers.

Morgan Stanley was a banking institution known for its stance towards cryptocurrencies in the past. Recent statements and the bank’s search to provide services for cryptocurrencies for a while show that we are in a transformation.

On the other hand, Jamie Dimon, CEO of another investment banking giant JPMorgan, defined Bitcoin as worthless in his statements this week and said, “Our customers are adults. They may not agree with my view. If they want to have access to buying or selling Bitcoin, we can give them as clean a legal access as possible.” had spoken.


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