Morgan Adds Bitcoin to the Stanley Corporate Fund


Morgan Stanley declared in a document he submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US that he could invest in Bitcoin “via cash delivery terms or Grayscale”.

Announcing that it will offer cryptocurrency services to its customers this year, Morgan Stanley announced that it can add Bitcoin to the corporate funds under its management in two different ways. Listing 12 funds in total, the bank stated that up to 25% of each of the capital in them can be allocated to Bitcoin.

Can buy Bitcoin with institutional funds

Morgan Stanley named Advantage Portfolio, Asia Opportunity Portfolio, Counterpoint Global Portfolio, Developing Opportunity Portfolio, Global Advantage Portfolio, Global Permanence Portfolio, Global Opportunity Portfolio, Growth Portfolio, Inception Portfolio, International Advantage Portfolio, International Opportunity Portfolio, Permanence Portfolio. announced that the funds can be used.

Morgan Stanley announced two weeks ago that it would offer Bitcoin services to its asset management clients and became the first giant American bank to do so. Individual investors who want to benefit from this service of the bank need at least $ 2 million of capital.


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