More than half of Brazilians fear spying on webcam


About 70% of Brazilians are concerned that they are being spied on by the webcam and 73% are concerned that they can be observed using malicious software. Still, one in seven still allows newly installed apps to access the device’s microphone or webcam. The data comes from a global study called “Cybersecurity risks for consumers”, conducted by Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company.

The released report states that about 43% of Brazilians are concerned with requests for access when installing a new program or app, a number that confirms another fact: Brazil is more careful (20%) with webcams, compared to other countries in the world. Latin America, such as Mexico and Colombia, which registered 14% and 15%, respectively.

“Many people are not yet familiar with the security protocols related to the use of webcams. However, we see a positive trend in increasing awareness of cybersecurity, as Internet users have started to take preventive measures and check permissions before authorizing access. to the camera and microphone “, says Fabio Assolini, senior security analyst at Kaspersky in Brazil.

Protective measures

With the home office and the increase in devices and programs used for the corporate environment, Assolini says that the expectation is that companies increasingly reinforce the importance of protecting themselves and offer training for employees.

To ensure more security for users when surfing online, Kaspersky recommends: investing in a webcam cover or protector, installing solutions that offer advanced protection against unauthorized access to the microphone or camera and removing permissions from applications that do not need access to functions .


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