More than Apple has to offer, iMac Pro Concept


A concept design was created for the new iMac Pro, Apple’s all-in-one computer believed to be upcoming. While this concept design is inspired by the company’s Pro Display XDR model, it provides consumers with more opportunities than Apple.

Apple fans have been waiting for a new iMac model for a long time. However, details such as whether Apple is working in this direction, when this product will be announced, what features it will have and its price are not yet known. Khahn Design, now a popular concept design creator, has created a concept design for a new iMac Pro. This design is inspired by the Pro Display XDR model that Apple released a while ago.

Apple’s Pro Display XDR comes out as an all-in-one computer. Pro Display XDR, which replaces the company’s Thunderbolt Display product; It comes with a flat screen with tapered bezels that offer 6K resolution. In addition, the company uses very large bezels in all Pro Display XDR models that it has launched since 2012. If we don’t ignore the similar situation for iMac, we can say that Khahn Design’s concept design will be similar to iMac Pro.

Here is a concept design for a new iMac Pro

According to the concept design prepared by Khahn Design, the new iMac Pro will have an aluminum case. Shrinking the bezels, the team left a not-so-thick area for the hardware placed behind the screen. In fact, the designers thought that Apple will allow hardware change this time and opened a section for it, but Apple will probably not allow such a thing. Because such a thing has not been seen much until today.

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Prepared as a concept, iMac Pro has a built-in stand. It has to be said that this is an important detail because the Pro Display XDR had a stand that had to be purchased separately. Designers say that this stand allows for adjustment, thus providing a freer experience for consumers. However, it should not be forgotten that the last word will be spoken by Apple.

Here is the video created for the concept design prepared for iMac Pro


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