More than 007? What Lashana Lynch from No Time To Die, Ralph Fiennes


The search for Daniel Craig’s replacement for James Bond has been hot, and several candidates have reportedly participated in the election, including, less frequently, Jean Page and Henry Cavill. Bond producers have had a hard time finding a successor as they want to reinvent the international spy. But in addition to finding the next Bond, there was the question of who might or might not come back after “It’s Not Time to Die.” Amid rampant speculation, Lashana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes and other stars of “No Time to Die” talked about a possible return to the James Bond franchise.

Lashana Lynch (Nomi)

As one of the breakout stars of “No Time to Die,” the “Female King” star stole several scenes as Nomi. Accepting Agent 007 was a huge deal for Lynch, following in the footsteps of earlier representation of black women. Being a fan favorite, many viewers wanted more potential stories about Nomi in the future. Now that the franchise is in constant motion, Lashana Lynch mentioned to Empire that she is not sure about her Bond future, but the actress told an interesting tidbit about her current status at Eon Productions.

So, in the end, there may be more Nomi. This means that Bond producers want Lynch to keep the 007 mantle after Craig’s departure. It made sense, given that the spy franchise is going through a transitional period of the 21st century. Perhaps the future of the franchise belongs to women, despite the ongoing search for a new Bond.

A contract with Lynch would allow fans to see more takedowns and see Nomi come into his own. The character has demonstrated infinite potential to lead the beloved franchise in a different direction if she fights alongside a new international spy. Fans can breathe a sigh as the “Doctor Strange 2” star is locked up… for now. But are her colleagues in the movie “It’s Not Time to Die” ready to star in another movie when the time comes?


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