More security! Windows 10X will feature anti-theft feature


Windows 10X is getting closer and closer to being made official by Microsoft, and details about the implementations being made by the company in this new version of the operating system do not stop appearing on the internet, something that ends up positively influencing the hype by the update.

Recently, a video showing the main applications, mainly in the design part, had leaked and allowed the public to have more details regarding the visual modifications that will be made in Windows 10X, and the feedback obtained was useful.

However, now the leaked detail is related to the security part of the system, since the new OS will receive an anti-theft feature, preventing other people from using the device with the system installed without authorization from the software administrator.

According to the MSPowerUser story, activating the anti-theft feature will make it necessary to enter a Microsoft account PIN or password for the device to be reset, something that helps to protect the data present in the operating system a little more.

In conjunction with this password protection, the location system present in Windows 10X will be kept active so that the device is found in real time, something ideal for those who suffer theft of the product and want to recover the device, without any type of damage to data present in it.

Although it is expected to be made official in 2021, there is still no official date for this. However, based on leaks that have already been shared, this update should not take long to happen, at least for users who are part of Widnows Insider.

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