More Security In Microsoft Teams With Its Encryption


Microsoft Teams is one of the most recommended options to keep productivity on the rise between remote teams. The system allows to maintain a correct and direct follow-up between the members of a team or a class. And it is that in the educational field it has had a lot of presence, providing an efficient solution to follow the progress of the students. But today we have to focus on an improvement that will help maintain security in the environment with its point-by-point encryption.

New encryption in Microsoft Teams

Telecommunications applications are essential in all electronic devices. Mobile phones are more than required, but with the pandemic they have become very important in other devices such as computers. But there is an important thing that, above all, should be important for all users, such as the security and privacy of the content that is shared on the service.

And with Microsoft there may be more reasons to think that you are using the most secure software, but it is now when it adds its point-by-point encryption to Teams. This means that users will be protected in their chat rooms and that no one will be able to get hold of everything that is shared at all times. It will not be until mid-July when Redmond implements this improvement to their product, when it will appear in the settings> privacy section.

An option that you can deactivate and activate at will

One of the curiosities of this security function that Microsoft will add is that it is an additional section of the settings. Yes, as you read, while in other communication applications we find this function as an integrated feature within the application, in the case of Redmond they have enabled this within the privacy section of the application.

This means that it gives users the ability to activate this feature whenever they want. This will be activated as long as both users activate it, something that we highly recommend. Otherwise your conversations will not be fully protected and if you share sensitive content it may be stolen in the event of an attack. The good thing is that the option is completely free, so you won’t have to pay more for this new feature in Microsoft Teams that will encrypt your messages end-to-end.


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