More Fantasy Shows After “House of The Dragon”? Here’s What Millie Alcock, Beloved By Fans, Thinks


Since “House of the Dragon” dominated the 2022 TV program, fans have fallen in love with its stars, and one of these favorite actors is Millie Alcock, who played the young Rainira Targaryen in the early episodes of HOTD before many characters matured and were replaced by other actors. It was her first major role, and now that her time in the prequel “Game of Thrones” has come to an end, she talks about whether she will ever participate in a fantasy show again.

The young Australian actress explained to the Herald Sun that she is still trying to figure out her “new normal” now that she is internationally known as a member of the Targaryen family. She said it “really changed her life,” but creating another fantasy show is not in her plans for the future. Alcock explained:

I don’t play any fantastic roles. I don’t want to do anything like that. I did it and I don’t need to do it again. I’m just waiting for the right project. I’m in no hurry to jump on something. I’d rather work a little bit and do a job that I’m really proud of and passionate about.

Alcock also spoke openly about struggling with the popularity of the show. She explained that she tried not to participate in conversations around the series, and said that popularity makes her “incredibly anxious.”

To be honest, I understand. She starred in one of the biggest fantasy franchises of all time and will probably be recognized as the young heir to the Iron Throne in the foreseeable future. It is quite logical that she would like to leave fantasy series and do other projects.

Not to mention the fact that filming such series as HOTD is a difficult job. The stars talked about various aspects of the show that were difficult to shoot. For example, Paddy Considine injured himself during the filming of the last moments of Viserys’ life, Matt Smith openly questioned the number of sex scenes in the series, and Alcock explained that in one of the episodes the extras had to “69 for 12 hours” to shoot a brothel. place of action. Creating a large—scale series like “House of the Dragon” is hard work, and taking on another fantasy series would probably be difficult to the same extent.

However, although Alcock ruled out another fantasy series, a film in this genre is out of the question, she said:

I would think so… I would hope so. Don’t take my word for it.

Personally, I would like to see Alcock in another fantasy role, because she just killed him as a young princess in HOTD. I hope someday she will star in a fantastic movie, but I am more than happy to support the actress in any project she decides to do.

While we’re waiting to see what the young Australian actress will do next, you can watch her in the first episodes of House of the Dragon with an HBO Max subscription.


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