More beautiful life: Yolande will do anything to join Jocelyn!


Jocelyn and Yolande left the Mistral to end their days in Plus belle la vie. Yolande is going to make a terrible discovery.

Fans of Plus belle la vie may be very sad tonight. Jocelyn will end her life and Yolande will find herself alone and completely helpless. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A new drama arrives in Plus belle la vie. Jocelyn and Yolande have been in a relationship for many years and always appear very united. Yet they had to face many hardships in the soap opera.

Indeed, several years ago, Jocelyn learned that he had Alzheimer’s disease. He had chosen to keep his wife away from him so that she wouldn’t have to put up with it. So he had pushed Yolande into Alain’s arms and they had to go abroad.

Yet Yolande refused to follow Alain and stayed with Jocelyn. Nevertheless, the man’s illness has worsened in recent weeks. So, Babeth had suggested that he go to an nursing home and he had accepted to please her.

Nevertheless, Yolande and Jocelyn chose to treat themselves to one last trip and made everyone believe that they were going on a honeymoon. Babeth will soon discover that her parents especially want to kill themselves in Plus belle la vie…


In this Friday, November 13 episode of Plus belle la vie, Jocelyn and Yolande will try to end their lives. They’re going to take pills to kill themselves in a room.

Yolande will wake up to find out that her husband is making fun of her. Indeed, Jocelyn will be dead and Yolande will be in all her states. “I have to catch up with him,” she said several times as she approached the window.

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Nevertheless, Babeth will arrive on time and will beg her not to commit suicide in Plus belle la vie. Yolande could choose to end her life in front of Jocelyn’s daughter.

Or, she will end up terminating and accepting the situation. In any case, this new drama may drive the fans crazy who have always loved Jocelyn and Yolande.


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