More beautiful life: will Victoire leave Sacha for Romain?


At this moment in Plus belle la vie, Victoire shows that she is not insensitive to Romain’s charm. Will she endanger her marriage?

For several weeks, the complicity between Victoire and Romain seems to intrigue fans of “Plus belle la vie”. And the duo could well get closer over the episodes of the famous fiction.

The intrigues continue to follow in “Plus belle la vie”. And some characters in the series will encounter some turbulence in their private sphere.

Like Barbara and Caesar. A few days ago, Léo Castelli’s daughter and Thomas opened their own restaurant: “Le Marci”.

Since then the two friends do their best to keep their bar running. Along with all this, the duo must also face the spikes of their main competitors.

In fact, Sophie and Alison are never far away to put them in the way. In the meantime, Barbara and Dr Riva’s companion have also hired a young woman named Fanny as a waitress.

And the latter has it all. Unfortunately, the pretty brunette is playing a dangerous game with Caesar.

Out of sight, they don’t hesitate to seduce each other. In fact, Fanny and Emma’s sidekick dated two years ago.

Being with Barbara, the boss of GTS will not hesitate to play with fire even if it means endangering his relationship. And he’s not going to be the only “Plus belle la vie” character to do it. Indeed, Victoire too!

More beautiful life: will Victoire leave Sacha for Romain?


Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Victoire met Romain Vidal at the Marseille hospital. Hospitalized following a fight trying to save Luna, the young man will gradually intrigue the young woman and her colleagues.

On a daily basis, the latter is also a very famous doctor. And for good reason, he runs a neurosurgery department in a Parisian hospital.

For several weeks now, Romain has not hesitated to lend a hand to Dr. Riva’s colleagues to save patients. Besides his career, he is also very attractive to the chagrin of Victoire.

Reluctant for a while with regard to her diagnoses, she realizes that this doctor has a lot to teach her. He has helped her heal Sacha in the past.

Happy in love with the journalist, Estelle’s friend gradually gets closer to her patient. According to “Stars Actu”, they will even end up sleeping together!

And Dr. Riva feels that there is an eel under the rock between these two characters of “Plus belle la vie”. For the moment, nobody really knows if Victoire and Romain will leave everything to form a couple.

But the chemistry is there. Case to follow we tell you!