More beautiful life: will Lucie die in the rest of the series?


Lucie is in great danger in Plus belle la vie! Jacob is looking for a new girl, and sets his sights on her … Attention!

After Samia, will Lucie disappear from Plus belle la vie? The fans are shaking as Jacob attacks her to replace Camille … Could he kill her when she doesn’t want to replace her daughter?

The fans are asking questions anyway! Because while Lea and Boher celebrate their first minutes together, Jacob approaches. He ends up throwing a ball to Lucie, who comes to play with him …

We know the rest: Jacob has found his third daughter! Man has been doing this in the shadows for years. He even sequestered Camille for almost 10 years. That’s why we had never seen the young woman in Plus belle la vie.

But since she managed to escape, nothing is going on in the life of her captor. So he goes after other girls … But Lucie doesn’t seem to want to obey him! Already disturbed by the departure of his mother, the little girl does not want him.

For its part, the police also want to recover the little one. But not without trapping Jacob! A dangerous game is thus set up in Plus belle la vie. How to get Lucie back while preventing Jacob from cracking down again?

The police ultimately decide that an exchange between Camille and Lucie will do the trick. Jacob will be happy to find his “daughter” for 10 years… and will therefore agree to let Lucie go. As for Camille, she will also be in the scheme!


Camille will therefore be wearing a headset to allow the police to arrest Jacob. But nothing is going to go as planned … Because Emma is worried for her sister and for Lucie. She will also find herself trapped!

As Camille lets herself be moved and tries to make Jacob understand that he has to flee, everything crumbles. The two young women are kidnapped … But Lucie manages to escape and survive this terrible ordeal of Plus belle la vie!

While the two sisters find themselves captive, Lucie flees. She ends up finding refuge with a peasant and can finally call the police… Here she is finally saved and out of danger. But not Camille and Emma!

How can they get Jacob to agree to release them? Only Camille has the answer … But she will have to agree to regain her condition of submissive girl. A terrible ordeal, therefore, for her too!

Emma does not intend to let go of her sister. While she has just found her in Plus belle la vie, there is no question of leaving her in the clutches of her captor … She decides to stay by his side.

But nothing will go as planned, and this story may end badly … To see that, we will have to wait until next week!


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