More beautiful life: Victory on the verge of deceiving Sacha


Victoire makes a mistake in Plus belle la vie! The intern has been getting closer to Romain Vidal for several weeks. She will crack!

Nothing is going well in Plus belle la vie! While Sacha and Victoire seemed to be living a happy couple, the intern began to have doubts… and might even fall for his handsome doctor, Romain Vidal!

Because since the handsome doctor arrived at the hospital, Victoire seems disturbed! She thus missed the disease of her darling, taken from itching. If Sacha hadn’t written an article about Vidal, maybe he wouldn’t have survived …

But the doctor poses as a real savior in Plus belle la vie! He notices that the journalist is scratching a lot during the interview, and ends up expressing his doubts. Real luck, because he had worms in his brain!

Kind, funny, intelligent, Romain has everything it takes to make Victoire fall for him. Especially since it gives him confidence! When she almost gave up on her thesis, he finally convinced her to take it again!

Since then, the intern has worked much better. But nothing arouses Sacha’s suspicions … While Victoire asks more and more questions. Until the big twist of Plus belle la vie: Vidal’s disease!

Thanks to his intern, Romain will recover quickly. Because in her turn, she takes herself for “Doctor House” and comes to his aid! But the real problem is not there. The disease also results in a decisive rapprochement between the two.


While she’s been suppressing her feelings for quite some time, wondering questions and knowing he has a wife, the intern eventually breaks down … So she confesses her feelings to her boss!

Romain Vidal also cracks. So what happens is happening: an earthquake in Plus belle la vie. The two doctors end up making love … But big problems are to be expected. Because the two are in a relationship!

They are thus “offered” two solutions: to lie to their respective spouses, or to assume … No doubt that Victoire, whose feelings for Vidal were already making her sick, risks finding herself in a dead end!

More beautiful life therefore has great surprises in store for its fans. After more than a month of making everyone languish over a Greys Anatomy-worthy crackdown between the two doctors, here we are … So now is the time to decide!

While Sacha narrowly escaped death, even though he has supported Victoire for a long time (and vice versa), the couple is therefore in danger of tearing themselves apart … Unless the young woman chooses to hide this adventure from him? But the feelings are mixed up.

It also remains to be seen what Romain himself thinks about it. Because the doctor certainly slept with her … But not sure if he is ready to leave his wife in Plus belle la vie!