More beautiful life: the fans note a huge error in a scenario!

Thomas recently opened a restaurant in Plus belle la vie. He hired Fanny and the fans could see a big mistake on a script.

On Monday February 15, fans of Plus belle la vie were able to learn more about Fanny, the new waitress at Marci. Still, a script does not seem at all coherent and the audience has not hesitated to let it be known. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Another big inconsistency pointed out by the fans in Plus belle la vie? For several days now, the audience has been following the intrigue around Emma and her sister, Camille. The young woman was kidnapped several years ago by Jacob and seems to be under his control. Emma does everything to protect her, but Jacob hasn’t said his last word.

Indeed, in order to recover Camille, the mobster did not hesitate to kidnap Lucie, Boher’s daughter. The policeman is mad with rage and does everything to find his child. He can count on the help of his colleagues, but Jacob wishes to make a trade. He wants Camille to come back in order to let go of Lucie.

Fans of Plus belle la vie will soon be able to see the end of this affair. At the same time, Thomas and Barbara have chosen to open a restaurant, Le Marci, at Le Mistral, just opposite Roland’s bar. The establishment already seems to be a big success and Thomas had to hire a waitress very quickly.

So he crossed paths with Fanny, a taxi driver. He adored her and found her very caring for his clients. Thomas therefore chose to hire Fanny, but the latter seemed a little reluctant at first. She still ended up accepting.

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Monday February 15 in Plus belle la vie, Fanny ran into Caesar at the Marci and they talked a lot. The new waitress didn’t hesitate to hit on him and they exchanged several texts in front of Thomas. Afterwards, the audience was able to find out that the two characters dated two years ago.

Fanny and Caesar did not stay together and it was the waitress who broke up with him brutally. However, as Télé Loisirs echoes, at that time, Caesar was very much in love with Emma. So there is a huge inconsistency and the fans noticed it very quickly as well.

“Where does a story come from between Caesar and another young woman other than Emma 2 years ago? He was always hooked on Emma before Barbara, ”said a fan on the Plus belle la vie Facebook account. “Caesar and Fanny 2 years ago, it’s weird because 2 years ago he was all about Emma…. No scenarios, ”wrote another Internet user.

So what’s going on with the soap opera storylines? Already a few days ago, the fans spotted another mistake around Emma and Camille. “There were small failures,” Pauline Bression said for our colleagues. It seems that there is indeed a lot of concern at the moment and the audience is not very happy …



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